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Shuttle run bleep test

The multi-stage fitness test

The classic bleep test, known officially as the multi-stage fitness test, is an accurate measurement of athletic endurance. Used all over the world to test professional and amateur fitness, the bleep test is often included during recruitment for active careers, such as police services and armies. The bleep test provides a good measure of a person's maximum oxygen uptake, or VO2 Max.

The bleep test is performed with two cones placed twenty metres apart, used as a shuttle run. The bleep test includes 21 levels, starting at a running speed of 8.5 km/h, increasing by 0.5 km/h with each level. Each level lasts 62 seconds, with a person's score recorded as the last point at which they can keep in sync with the bleeps.

Download the shuttle run bleep test audio.

Bleep test score card

Press-up bleep test

The press-up, as a staple part of any exercise regime, has become a common method of fitness assessment. The press-up bleep test includes a gradually increasing cadence over eight minutes.

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Sit-up bleep test

Similarly to press-ups, sit-ups are often used as an assessment of fitness. The sit-up bleep test audio provides a static cadence, counting to 100 over five minutes.

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